Toxicology by Design

Socosur Chem. Rebrands Toxicological Division: Introducing Tox by Design

We are excited to officially announce the rebranding of our toxicological division: Tox by Design

Previously Socosur Tox., Tox by Design offers toxicological risk assessments to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe. 

Our services include Health-Based Exposure Limit ("HBEL") assessments, such as Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE), Occupational Exposure Limit/Banding (OEL/OEB), and Derived No Effect Limit (NOEL) of chemical substances, herbal abstracts, and biochemicals found in drugs, cosmetics, and  medical devices. We also offer toxicological risk assessments for drug degradation impurities or manufacturing contaminants. 

Our new Tox by Design brand represents both our past as Socosur Tox. and our present as leading toxicological player within the industry.



Who We Are

Tox by Design is a privately owned company based in Paris, France, with an international team of experts offering toxicological risk assessment and regulatory compliance evaluation. 

Socosur Chem. originally launched its toxicological expertise division in 2016, and over the past 2 years, we have worked to recruit an expert team of toxicologists and an organic chemist. Due to this, Tox by Design has grown from being the HBEL leader in France to one of the top 3 HBEL leaders in all of Europe.

Tox by Design’s mission is to provide the best toxicological expertise and simplify the regulatory compliance process for our clients. Additionally, we aim to optimize Risk Assessment processes, streamline workflows, and implement enhanced safety strategies to efficiently produce comprehensive, high quality toxicological assessments. 

Currently we are working to develop a new quality system for our toxicological services based on our Socosur GDP inspected quality system experience.

We are dedicated to conducting ethical business with our customers, and we strictly comply with all laws, policies, and regulations of the EU as well as those of the countries in which we operate. We always act quickly, reliably, and fairly to help save our clients time and money.

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